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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 28, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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we look back five years from now or 10 years from now, or 20 years from now, we will be better off because we have the courage to pass this law and keep moving forward. >>shepard: republicans denounce the decision calling it everything from disaster to disappointing but the majority found that the law does not violate the constitution. the chief justice roberts siding with the liberal justice on the key issue of the mandate writing and i quote, "the affordable care act requirements that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax." because the constitution peoples such attacks, it is not our role to forbid it. the court made clear the decision is about intent the health care law not judging merits. the dissent found that "to say the individual mandate merely imposes a tax is not to interpret the statute but to rewrite it." journal tax writing is particularly troubling.
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>> keep in mind the president argued that fines for complying with, or failure to comply with the individual mandate, did not amount to a tax increase at all, and said so repeatedly so while the court upheld that aspect of the law it did so on a different basis. the ruling upholds other key parts of the law including the following. the people can still remain on their parents' plan to age 26. there are no life sometime limits for coverage. insurance companies cannot deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. and as of the year 2014, businesses with more than 50 workers are forced to offer coverage or pay a fine. republicans are vowing to continue the fight to repeal. all republicans will not let up whatever in the determination to repeal this terrible law and replace it with the kind of reforms that will truly address the problems it was meant to solve. >>shepard: one congressman put it the supreme court just woke up a sleeping giant.
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we will have more on the brand new efforts for repeal and reaction from governor romney coming up, but, first for shannon covers the court. explain the thinking behind the majority opinion on the individual mandate. >>guest: a lot of folks shot it would -- thought it would be decided on congress having the right to regulate you this way with a mandate that requires to you buy health insurance. the court said no, that is not okay and under the necessary proper clause, no. but under congress' taxing power this is okay. and here is the part that the chief justice wrote, saying the court does not express any opinion on the wisdom of the affordable care act. under the constitution, that judgment is reserved for the people. saying congress is right to do this and if you do not like it, it is up to you, the people, to change that. >>shepard: and the court ruled on the matter of medicaid.
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>>guest: in is interesting a sleeper issue, but, a number of states have said millions of people who will be forced on to our state medicaid rolls because of the new law, we cannot afford it and we are being coerced because there was power that allowed the secretary of hhs to withdraw all medicaid money even for existing cases if they did not accept the new ones on the rolls as a result of the law. while 9 medicine medicine expansion was upheld the chief justice wrote what congress is not free to do is penalize states that choose not to participate not new program by taking away their existing medicaid funding. so, medicaid expansion is upheld, and states can be forced into this by the threat that the rest of the medicaid money is yanked. >>shepard: how are the democrats reacting? >>reporter: they feel vindicated and say we have been telling you for two years this is constitutionally a use of our powers. we heard from now minority leader nancy pelosi who was house speaker when it was passed. >> call it what you will, it is
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a step forward for america's families, and you know what? take "yes," for an answer this is a very good thing for the american people. >>reporter: she said she was wearing her lucky shoes that she was wearing when health care was passed. >>shepard: thank you outside the construction zone that is the supreme court. congratulations and thanks and now chris wallace, the host of fox news sunday, live for us in washington. a big day for the american people, no matter which way you believe this is going to go, help or hurt them, it is a big day and politically speaking, do we know where we yetst >>chris: no. what i can say at this point, i think that the court handed obama a victory but it handed romney an issue. and, let me try to explain that. in terms of handing obama victory think what this would be if the court struck down part or all of obamacare, you i don't have her the republicans saying here is the constitutional law,
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he spent a year of the country's time on this and passed a signature piece of legislation and the country has spend billions already implementing it and it is found unconstitutional. he waved our time. they do not have to deal with that now. so it is clearly a victory not president and it upheld the signature piece of legislation. but, the basis on which it is upheld has handed romney an issue because as shannon pointed out the chief justice said the mandate is a tax, and, sure enough, the republican national committee now has come out and said obamacare is a tax on the middle class. you can be sure that you will hear from romney over the coming days and great other republicans that this is another tax-and-spend liberal democrat. he promised he would not raise taxes on the middle class and this is a huge tax increase on the middle class, hundreds of millions. >>shepard: we will hear from mitt romney on that matter in a few minutes but, first, chris, back to the politics of it all, the white house has been largely ... well, democrats have not been pleased with the way the
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president sold this health care law. do there is a plan to get out and try to convince americans before this election, that this is actually good for them? chris we will see an aggressive push now, and you already saw that in the president's statement from the east room earlier today, around 12:15 talking about we do not want to relitigate the last two years. he talked about the specific parts of the plan. no one can be cut off from health insurance coverage or denied coverage because of preexisting condition. kids can stay on their parents' plan until they are 26 so the president will be very much pushing specific parts of the plan that poll well. the mandate did not poll well but specific parts of the plan, specific benefits, to middle class taxpayers, that do poll well. and you can be sure they will be pushing those hard. >>shepard: back to you shortly
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and we will hear from the republicans on this matter and an explanation for all of you how this will affect your lives but there is another major story developing right new. lawmakers in the house of representatives are debating whether to hold the citying attorney general for contempt for the first time in the history of our union. we expect voting to begin shortly. and it is worth noting that there is, this is an election year and lawmakers are looking if score political points. a live look on the house of representatives floor, with house republicans and a handful of democrats indicating they will support holding the attorney general eric holder in contempt for not turning over documents which center around the gunrunning separation known as "fast and furious." many other democrats have accused the g.o.p. of overstepping its bounds. here are the political arguments from each side. >> attorney general eric holder testified before the house judiciary committee and told me that "tation fast and furious," was flawed and reckless. and that it was probably true
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more people are going to die. now, isn't that lovely? >> why is the attorney general being so obstinate after months of delay, delay, delay, today is the day of reckoning. all this is an election year witch hunt. the republicans have a dogged determination to discredit and defeat this president at all costs. lane and simple. >>shepard: several democrats have already vowed to walk off the floor and out of the building to protest the vote. last week, the white house asserted executive privilege to keep some documents out of the hands of the lawmakers and the republican congressman issa called eight sign 9 white house may have played a role, but admitted no evidence. and he admitted that he has no evidence of a coverup. at all. officials say fast and furious was supposed to track thousands of guns from the united states to drug cartel in mexico but the today did not track many of the weapons and some turned up at
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scene of the murder of the u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. that is the background and what else do we hear from lawmakers who support the measure on the floor today? >> well, we have heard from a public of the republican lawmaker whose have been investigating this matter for the last year and a half and they say, essentially, it is time if the attorney general to cooperate in terms of handing identify the documents, long overdue in their mines so they are saying the time has come. take a listen to this. >> i am proud the fact we are bringing up this contempt. it is sad we got to this day. we have no other choice. but we as a body, asen institution, a separate branch of government have a duty and obligation to fulfill that today. very report and there are reminders of brian terry, the border agent, killed 18 months ago and his family's need for answers. this contempt effort is moving forward. a historic day as he faces contempt. >>shepard: we heard from
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attorney general eric holder himself, right? >>reporter: and we expect to hear something more formal later. he is out of town, plan picking the right day to leave washington. here is a key supporter of the attorney general and the attorney general himself. >> i tell you it is good to be here and not to be in washington, dc right now. >> that is not what is being done here. this is something that is making a witch hunt look like a day at the beach. it is a railroading of a resolution that is unsubstantiated bit facts. >>reporter: so you have the former speaker of the house of representatives, nancy pelosi, now the democratic leader in the house, and she knows that some of her allies are going to walk out at some point this afternoon to protest this contempt vote not house of representatives. >>shepard: she will not until after she votes "no." much more ahead on the health care decision and how it will affect you and your family.
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not just in the short run but not long run. it is certainly a long and complicated matter and has a couple of surprised before people know the law. and we will break down the decision, piece by piece, and a look what it means headed into the november elections. we heard from the president earlier and his opponent spoke earlier in a tightly controlled setting. ♪ with the hundredi saved at progressive, i'm out here, giving a little refill relief. are you on empty here, tyler? yes, actually, i honestly am. well, we're going to fill 'er up with savings. with the hundreds i saved at progressive, this tank is on me.
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>>shepard: the supreme court chief justice john problems is getting a lot of attention for serving as the swing vote in the 5-4 ruling, upholding president obama's health care law.
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in siding with the liberal justices some observers say that roberts helped hand the president a boost, initially. roberts and the rest of the court claim that they paid no attention to the back-and-forth in the political world and in 2005 justice roberts said judges are like umpires, umpires do not make the rules, they apply them. >> no one went to a ballgame to see the umpire and i will remember it is my job to call balls and strikes and not to pitch or budget. that was from the confirmation hearing but there is strong political reaction on boats sides. so we will bring the host of "on the record," that airs weeknights and is an accomplished lawyer. how do you see it now politically speaking? all everyone says he started with the liberals but if you look at the opinion it is interesting he puts a lid on congress. saying two things. the one, that congress could have an expanded view of the commerce clause, a justification according to congress as too why
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they could do this. he put the lid on that and said it is unconstitutional. and he also said they could not force the states to expand medicaid coverage which also put as lid on the power of congress to put, they used the expression "a gun to the head," to coerce the state. that conservative. but where he differs is what he did, he said, "what congress called the mandate," they called it wrong. they said it was, what he is saying, it is a tax. and he clearly says congress has the authority to "tax." so, he really, if you dig deep are he was consistent with being conservative and said there is a game here what we call the mandate and that because you are requiring people to say it is a tax, and congress says it is a tax. >>shepard: we will hear the arguments of the two sides but first the specifics relating to us. say i have health insurance and i like it. can i keep it? >> the president says yes, but
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how long will the insurance company make it available to you? >>shepard: what if i don't have insurance and i am taking my kids to the emergency room rather than preventive maintenance and primary care, can i get that for my kids under this? >> it depends if. you are eligible for medicaid, yes, and if you had health insurance of course you could, too. here is the curious part, that what this expanded made made did, people who have a little more money than those eligible for medicaid to get expanded medicaid, if they fall in that category that is a shared expense with the states, but, today, the supreme court says that the federal government cannot force the states to expand their medicaid so, if the states elect not toes expand their medicaid and you fall in that category, i don't know who will pay for your medical care. >>shepard: all right. if i am one who has a pre-existing condition, i have to be covered. if i am 25 years old i can still
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be on my parents', so is it possible both sides could call it a win and a battering ram for the other side? >>guest: of course they will both claim a win and use it as a ram, but, the more, what i am curious what happens if you don't have insurance and do you not want to pay for it, and you do not think you will be caught and 10 years down the road, suddenly you are getting a horrible illness, you can buy into it because you have a pre-existing, you cannot be excluded and you can buy insurance, in the meantime, that ten year window, you have not been paying in, so you have not been paying into the giant pool to keep the costs down for everyone else getting health insurance so there are a lot of problems to work out and people, if you listen to the republicans, our costs are still going to sky-high and the democrats say this is heaven. so, i don't know, we will have to wait-and-see how this plays out. but it is not going to be cheap
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but no health care is cheap. >>shepard: we will get lots of clarity in the days and weeks ahead. see you tonight at 10:00. so if you hated obamacare. you still hate it. if you loved obama care you still love it. maybe one of you will change your minds not sure. money has driven the health care fight from the fight, money and politics, about how much we pay and who picks up the tab. next, gerri willis shows us what the decision means if your money and why hospital stock got a big boost after the announcement. that is all ahead on "studio b" today.
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>>shepard: we watching the markets today as wall street reacts to the health care ruling in part to that. look at dow off 118, it was down more and, cog up soon, aside
3:23 pm
from the high court decision there are those reacting to a bombshell affecting america's biggest banks, j.p. morgan chase, and "new york times" newspaper is reporting today and online, that losses from the trading mistakes this year could balloon from estimated $2 billion to $9 billion. wow. gerri willis from fox business is us with. >>gerri: this is a mixed bag with stocks. some going up, some down. hospital stocks, those stocks are up, and up strong because now the companies have a way for people to pay to those coming to emergency rooms for care. and united health care, trading down and marginally, the insurers facing strict new requirements on how much of their money, it does not go to the bottom line but to patient care. so, federal regulations for them with their stocks going down.
3:24 pm
>>shepard: now, this will affect what we pay and how we pay it through health care premiums, right? >>gerri: right, the individual mandate, that is what the supreme court said is constitutional, so there will be a lot people getting health care and health care insurance, and that is good for paying those premiums at the end of the day. but i have to tell you story on premium has been nothing but up, up ten percent the last decade, and up 9 percent just last year, and, now, kaiser, and they are very well regarded source they will go up another 4 percent next your so the story is that their health care premiums have already been rising, and much faster than citizen inflation, over the years in part because obamacare was come into play. >>shepard: and in part because they have so many new things and ways it treat us that are so expensive. >>gerri: that, too, a lot of pressure on health care prices whether you are talking drugs, procedures, you are talking about the lack of money
3:25 pm
generally available from the federal government to pay for medicaid, the prices are highs they going higher. >>shepard: all right, gerri willis, thanks very were. we did not have the problems that angela merkel does. all the house of representatives majority leader cantor says the house of representatives will, indeed, vote to repeal the health care law on july 11 while democrats celebrate the supreme court ruling as one of their greatest achievements and the house minority leader pelosi was a major backer of the affordable care law, and republican lawmakers, even campaigned on her efforts to pass the law calling it "employees health care takeover." today the minority leader said health care is not, is a right, not a privilege. >> we believe health care needed to be passed so that families would not be pullverized because of an accident. >>shepard: and cantor called it a mistake. >> we would like to see the kind
3:26 pm
of health care that allows patients to make decisions, not bureaucrats in washington. and, as we know, this bill has also presented big problems to the employers. >>shepard: the test repeal will die in the dly controlled senate and if somehow a repeal passed the senate, the president with likely veto it so that is not happening. and now doug is on capitol hill. so, republicans see some silver lining from their perspective for their cause. >>reporter: a lost them do and the silver lining is further down the road in november of 2012 when we look at a general election of the many republicans i spoke to, today, say this decision has really energized their base and independents like nothing they is seen since the mid--term elections of 2010 when the republicans took over control of the house of representatives but no one went so far as senator graham of south carolina would called chief justice john roberts a genius for what he did in defining the individual mandate
3:27 pm
as a "tax," and calling the democrats hypocritical. here is senator graham of south carolina. >> if the democratic party pushed this bill on a party-line vote and got on the floor of the senate or the house of representatives and said, we using the t.s.a. power of the constitution to create obamacare, they would not have gotten ten votes in the senate much less 60 votes. >> obviously republicans hope to use that to a huge political advantage come november. for her parts house minority leader pelosi is praising the high court decision and said "politics be damned." here is more of pelosi. >> if for no other reason to pass the health care reform act than because of cost. the cost to individuals. cost to families. cost to businesses. large and small. cost to our economy in terms of it being competitive issue. and cost to federal, state and local budgets.
3:28 pm
we had to do this. so, the politics be damned, this is about what we came to do. >>reporter: i want to you listen to senator paul's reaction to it. >> that is an absurd comment. medicare and social security are underfunded by trillions of dollars now and we are going to now give government insurance to everyone in the country and it is not going did cost anything? it will make the deficit better? she is arresting that obamacare is going to help the deficit? that is an absurd art on face of it. >>reporter: republicans maintain it has already increased costs immeasurably. >>shepard: there is huge legislative significance in justice problems calling it a "tax." >>reporter: there is when the chief justice of the united states calls the individual mandate a "tax," it is now a tax, it is beginned as a "tax," and it could come back to haunt the democrats should
3:29 pm
republicans gain control of the senate after 2012. they got this passed through budget reconciliation requiring only 51 votes, and that tax can be repealed through budget reconciliation with only 51 votes so it will not have to be filibustered. >>shepard: continuing coverage of this and what governor romney has to say. [music] see life in the best light. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >>shepard: the chief justice of the supreme court roberts reminds us it is not the job of the justices to "save the people from the consequences of their political choices." and on that note, it seemed as if all our political leaders weighed in on the health decision. the ruling is a victory for president obama, no doubt, and ensures his signature domestic policy stays mostly intact. >> the highest court not land has now spoken. well work together to improve on it where we can, but what we won't do, what the country cannot afford to do, is refight the political battles of two years ago, or go back to the way things were. >>shepard: many parts of the law go in effect in 2014 but republican leaders are saying not so fast.
3:34 pm
carl cameron is in washington, and first ed henry not yard of the president's house. that is the celebration like there? muted? dancing? what? >>reporter: there was hugging outside the oval office but it is interesting because the president got the news like the rest of us, officials say he was watching tv screens anxiously awaiting the decision and saw the republican suggesting maybe his signature law was going down, but, then, basically, the administration officials got some reports from a lawyer who is on scene at the supreme court and they also checked out scotus blog and got the real information, and the president did celebrate saying the strategy moving forward to november is to try to show a choice. and she a difference that romney supported a mandate previously and now is running from it. and the president has been for it but would not runaway despite brutal politics here. take a listen. >> well, it should be pretty
3:35 pm
clear i didn't do this because it was good politics. i did it because i believed it was good for the country. i did it because i believed it was good for the american people. >> officials say the first phone call after find out the good news was for him was to the solicitor general, the administration lawyer who made the case before the supreme court and was vilified for coughing his way through the arts and a lot of people not he lost the case and the president called him today and said "thank you." >>shepard: i just read that account use gave it of what the president did when he thought he lost this thing, but i have not heard how he reacted. do not tell me he just walked to the office and sat down. will they tell you what happened? >>reporter: what i learned is that the president hugged his white house council. >>shepard: when he thought he lost and they were watching the tv and what happened? >>guest: we are report he had a quizzing look as it looked like it was going down, and, suddenly, his aides said, well,
3:36 pm
no, it survived and he had a quizzical look, and, then the top lawyer put two thumb's up and said it survived and he hugged her, and then, sort celebrated with his chief of staff. >>shepard: i don't think anyone was expecting the court would rule in this way on these grounds and that roberts called it a attack," politically speaking that could be a problem. >>guest: it provides a political opening for republicans because the bottom line, it is suggests that the reason why it is constitutional is the taxing authority of the congress has, to basically push people along for buy health insurance but the problem is the president, in an interview with abc's george stephanopolis and other forms and the administration officials said repeatedly this is not a tax, it is not a tax increase but a tax cut that will help people, and that is why speaker boehner today said he will repeal this. take a listen. >> the real outcome of today's
3:37 pm
decision is to strengthen our resolve to make sure that this law is, in fact, repealed. we are going to work every single day between new and election day and the american people, then, will get an opportunity to make their decision on election day. >>reporter: officials believe that is an over reach by republicans and they think the president took a bruising for spending a year and a half on this and now the court has spoken, the feeling inside the white house behind me is in the republicans want to spend a few months debating all of there and trying to repeal it, they think that will be a misfire and will backfire with the american people what want to talk about jobs and the economy which is what the president and governor romney of talking about. >>shepard: and rome any is not yard, and republicans say the health care ruling means what happens, future of 9 law, will be up to voters in november. here is governor romney, addressing the issue, in, really, no uncertain terms. >> what the court did not do on
3:38 pm
its last day in session, i will do on my first day if elected president of the united states. and that is i will act to repeal obamacare. >>shepard: republicans and democrats wasted in time turning the supreme court's ruling into a chance to raise campaign cash. in fact, the romney campaign reports they raised more than $1 million on the promise to repeal. and now, carl cameron, like, in washington, and democrats say it is time to move on but it doesn't much appear that the g.o.p. will let that happen? >>carl: they are together northwest just on fundraising but the message. before romney spoke republicans and the campaign conferred and it was clear from what the speaker said and the house leadership the republican leadership, all of them very much on message and they believe this decision ultimately helps them politically in the short term campaign. romney views it as bad economic policy and went on a rant saying it is $500 billion of new taxes, $500 billion in medicare cuts, and trillions in new debt, and potential higher premiums.
3:39 pm
he is trying to frame this as a time to choose between policies arguing that larger and more intrusive government versus making your own health care choices. >> we understand what the court did and did not do. they said obamacare does not violate the constitution. what they did not do, was say that obamacare is good law. or that it is good policy. obamacare was bad policy yesterday. it is bad policy today. obamacare was bad law yesterday. it's bad law today. >>carl: so he said he will do anything necessary in order to repeal it, and president obama actually today in his remarks, mentioned that romney, former governor of massachusetts, once supported a mandate in a law that he implemented in massachusetts, not only did the president mention it, but, there was video put out by a pro obama have pac where romney talked about knit 2005 and said the individual mandates'
3:40 pm
responsibility was a key part of the process and now wants to do away with that and talk nothing about back then but talk about repealing obama. >>shepard: and a national political reporter is here as our guest. how not world is governor romney of romney care fame, going to fight against the obamacare, which is models after his own plan in massachusetts? maybe there is a way. i can't figure it out. >>guest: well, one thing we keep hearing from romney is that he would repeal it and replace it but this is one problem with that: mitt romney cannot repeal it but this adds to the significance of presidential election because if he is elected, what he can do is grant waivers to each of the states to allow them to opt out of obamacare and that is the most important point and that is a good one that he is making. >>shepard: but couldn't the democrats come back with, well, here is what will happen if he
3:41 pm
did that. because if you look at it on paper, that really could gum up the whole system, whether you like it or not is a matter for another day but that would gum up this system up. >>guest: but the point is repeal is really difficult the house will take up this vote in two weeks but it is not going do make it to the senate floor because of course the senate is controlled by democrats and there is no way that harry reid would allow a repeal vote to come to the floor of the united states, so, essentially this is just a good political issue for mitt romney. tea party groups are coming to his defense saying we need to have a republican in the white house to let states opt out but you are right that is a problem with the system, but it is still a political issue for them at the moment. >>shepard: we will find out if it is galvanizing that part of the base and we are about do have something big on capitol hill as they vote to hold the attorney general of the united states in contempt of congress and people on both sides the aisle wonder how this will play in months ahead. forget right now. but in a couple of months what
3:42 pm
will it look like? >>guest: well, the point here is that, yes, it is a move away from a focus on jobs. and the economy. that is a problem that house republicans look like they are distracting from the main issue. one political way if romney to deal with all this, and especially health care, is something that he said in sterling, virginia, yesterday, saying that, you know, that president obama was focused on health care and not jobs and the economy and that is what he wants to do the >>shepard: fascinating political season, great to see you. love the rear cereal -- real clear politics. >> in wildfire in colorado is unbelievable. we will get to that. like. coming up. dealer
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. . . . >>shepard: news corps will split in two parts next year. news corps owned this network and film studios and publishers
3:46 pm
around the world. the plan is for one company to contain media and entertainment property including cable, television, movie studios, and satellite broadcasters and the new company will largely be comprised of newspapers and publishers. the current news corps chairman and c.e.o. says he serve as chairman of both companies and c.e.o. of the media and entertainment company. no word, yet, on who you run the publishing side. early today murdoch was on fox business network and if that matter on this network for an interview with senior vice president of business news, neil cavuto and explained how he came to the decision to split the companies. >> gradually. logic. i realized the logic of it and how all companies would be better managed and better, would be a lot better. >>shepard: he said the decision to split the company has nothing to do with the tabloid hacking scandal in grt britain. that controversy forced them to close down the news of the world
3:47 pm
newspaper last year after accusations that reporters hacked the voice mail account of people they were covered. ought raging fire that forced more than 30,000 people in colorado to evacuate has now destroyed hundreds of homes. that is according to officials in colorado springs, the second largest difficult in the state and this is a very early estimate. remember, crews battling the blames reported near zero visibility, some locals say the air was pitch black as they tried to escape. colorado's governor said that as he watched the fire "it was like looking at a military invasion." and look at this: this photo above colorado springs gives us new perspective of the scope of the damage here. wow. houses on when side of the picture are still standing but a few yards away the fire reduced dozens of other homes in the pictures to rubble.
3:48 pm
alicia it is awful looking, unimaginable. >>reporter: well, that is right. and folks are finding out whether they have lost their homes and they finding out there social media, finding out there firefighters wore friends, and sneaking back into the burned area. that is because the city of colorado springs is waiting until a little over two hours from now to begin the foil process of notification. it is frustrate ising some who want to get going on insurance claims. the mayor says this is a delicate process can they do not want to put too much out there at once and adding the crews understand how serious this is for homeowners. ought firefighters go through the seen and look at the buildings lost and they are not saying the homeowners lost the property but they are saying they lost the properties because when we get to a firefight we believe it is our responsibility to try to save as much property as possible. and when we lose something, we don't like that and we take it
3:49 pm
personally. >> if a homeowner is in the burn zone they receive an invitation to the city for a closed meeting and they find out the extent of the damage or destruction. >>shepard: than you outside colorado springs. the syrian president bashar al-assad, today, said he not bow to international pressure and saying united states is siding with al qaeda terrorists in syria. that coverage is ahead. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it is meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses.
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>>shepard: the syrian president bashar al-assad says his government has a duty to destroy terrorists to save thousands of lives. unbelieve average. analysts say the syrian president is referring to the rebel fighters when he says
3:53 pm
"terrorists," and activists claim his troops are have murdered 14,000 people. in an interview with iranian state division the syrian president bashar al-assad rattled off a list of accusations again the west including a claim that the united states is ignoring al qaeda presence in syria. and greg palkot is reporting from damascus, and like all journalists she there with the permission of the syrian regime and it is monitoring his reporting. >> we are coming to you over the phone because courtesy of the regime we have been cut out and they are cracking down on evening prayers and another incident here not heart of the city take a listen. all another hit to the heart of this regime, to bombs set off in this parking lot in the center of damascus, and no one killed but a lot of cars destroyed and it happened right across the street from the palace of justice, the sill court here in
3:54 pm
damascus, and that means. the message sent. all after another attack this week, but no deaths and there was a big dramatic scene and rebels have never gotten this close to the center of the capital and tensions are building obtain border with turkey with racket launchers place, after the downing of the tuckish jet by syria last friday, and they say again today that the turks would respond with determination. finally, our sources saying that government is stepping up against the rebels if the last now days and, today, we saw tanks in action at ten civilian locations said to be rebel strongholds and the regime going in for the kill. no one is stopping them. @ [ buzz ] off to work!
3:55 pm
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where the costs to both repair your home and replace your possessions are covered. and we don't just cut a check for the depreciated value -- we can actually replace your stuff with an exact or near match. plus, if your home is unfit to live in after an incident, we pay for you to stay somewhere else while it's being repaired. home protectorlus, from liberty mutl insurance. because you never know what lies around the corner. to get a free quote, call... visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>shepard: alerts from the national weather service can go do your smartphone, a spokesman says the warnings are the same you see on television or you heard on radio and you can get
3:58 pm
what we get when the national weather service sends out an alert about tornadoes or floods it will show up on smartphones in the area as a text message. the industry spokesman says 97 percent of service providers in the country have already agreed to take part in the program. and she says the text messages are free to consumers. and smartphone users do not have to sign up for them. but if you don't want them you can opt out. >> that is it for "studio b" on a big fuzz day and we did not even get to an curry. we have again up 100-something points in this hour, they knew neil cavuto was coming with "con text and perspective." and now drilling a little deeper with neil cavuto at the helm. >>neil: now it gets an interesting. one constitutional crisis down and another is about to heat up. forget about what happened here all eyes now are shifting across
3:59 pm
the street. here. i hope you brought your pills because this is going to make you a little dizzy. the supreme court upheld the health care law but the house of representatives is minutes away from voting his attorney general in contempt of the law. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and before we get to the a.g., someone, someone, anyone, get wall street an ekg, man, talk about a close call, gaping for air a lot of them, still, in post supreme court shock. a ruling they still cannot believe and $1 trillion in taxes they still cannot fathom. forget about the pre-existing illnesses that are still covered. get ready for the less known tax hikes that no one has covered but we have and we are and charles payne is sick about it. charles, now


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